When to hire an Interim Recruiter

What’s in a word?

First of all, an Interim Recruiter is not a temp. Yes an interim agency can send you a temp who will help you with HR administration for a couple of weeks for example, but he or she is not an Interim Recruiter. An Interim Recruiter is an interim manager i.e. someone whose expertise you hire for a certain period in order to get your company’s recruitment to a higher level.

When to consider an Interim Recruiter?

  • You have a temporary increased workload and no budget to hire a fulltime employee
  • The business is in sour need of additional manpower and needs it yesterday
  • You need to recruit specialized profiles but your HR team is only used to recruiting generalist profiles
  • You need your internal HR team to focus on other priorities. However, recruitment must remain strong
  • Your company needs some fresh ideas & a fresh network to attract new talent

What results can you expect?

After he/she has finished his/her assignment, an Interim Recruiter will leave your company with a higher rate of hires, new, improved recruitment procedures, a better employer’s brand, increased visibility and interaction on social media, possibly a training manual for junior recruiters,…Interim Recruiters tend to be more specialized in their field and have a larger network in their niche market. They know how to handle different HR technologies and social media.